Designing your UX portfolio

UX portfolio required: three words that fill UX designers, new and experienced, with dread. We’re often experts at telling our client’s story, but find it difficult to communicate our own.

Ian Fenn used to be a portfolio skeptic, believing they caused more problems than they solved. But he’s also a pragmatist, and with requests from recruiters increasing, he set about creating the perfect UX portfolio. Since publication, copies have been requested by recruitment agents – not in relation to work, but to show to other designers as an example of how to do things right.

During this session Ian will share his UX portfolio template and the thinking behind it so you too can effectively represent your skills and experience to prospective employers and clients.

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Building case studies for your UX portfolio

Just starting out in UX? Looking to up your game and find better clients? Getting better work starts with producing a powerful portfolio. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create an impactful case study to present to potential clients or employers. You’ll be given a recipe you can use to present your work effectively.

A UX designer for almost 20 years, I created my own UX portfolio three years ago. I then sent it to Lane Halley and Chris Chandler as they wanted portfolio examples to share during a portfolio design workshop they were holding. The night of the workshop I received several emails from attendees asking me to send them a copy so they could re-use the format. Lane and Chris ran the workshop again. The same thing happened.

Then I got an unusual phone call from a UX recruiter I shared my portfolio with. “Hey, Ian, this is a bit embarrassing. There’s a Head of UX I’m representing and his portfolio is TERRIBLE. Can I share yours with him – you clearly know what’s you’re doing – so he can do a better job?”

Since then, I have researched the topic even more thoroughly and presented several talks on UX portfolio design including regular contributions to General Assembly’s UX Intensive in London. I am currently writing a book on UX portfolio design that will be published in 2016.

Session Takeways

  • What recruiters and hiring managers are looking for from a UX portfolio
  • How to structure a case study
  • What details to emphasise, and what to avoid
  • How to deal with problems such as non-disclosure agreements or difficult projects.
  • Participants will leave with a case study first draft of their own.

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